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My fiancé, Chris, and I decided to go ring browsing but both had no experience or knowledge regarding rings. He had heard on the WKNR-ESPN 850 about a family place that was supposed to be good for first-time ring shoppers like us. When we first arrived, Josh immediately put us at ease. He was very patient with us as we asked him a bunch of questions. After we left I urged Chris to consider Bookman and Son for the actual purchase because something just felt right about them. The ring is absolutely stunning. We couldn’t be happier about our experience at Bookman & Son. Thank you!

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I have to tell you, you were all spot on regarding Josh and the fine folks at Bookman & Son. Josh was patient and so kind with my girlfriend (now fianceé') when we first walked through his doors. After quick/precise and informative one-on-one meetings and emails, Josh was able to get the right diamond in the right ring for the right price. Josh and his company were exactly what I needed for this huge step in my life. Josh was informative, polite and really nice to speak with throughout this whole process.

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ESPN 850 WKNR “Really Big Show” listener

Hey Rizz, thank you for leading me to Bookman & Son for my engagement ring. Just as many of your listeners, I didn't have any experience shopping for fine jewelry. The first time I came into the store, I met Josh and he patiently listened to my girlfriend while she expressed her ‘unique’ style. Josh gave me the opportunity to have the best of both worlds: Her giving some input on some unique ideas and then me taking a few of them to Josh to put my personal touch on it.

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Nathan Mace

4 months ago

Josh was great when helping me choose a diamond for an engagement band setting, taking the time to explain the different options that would fit and why. He also broke down which diamond would look largest and which diamond was the best value. He did not even push for the most expensive option. We later went back to Josh to have the engagement band altered slightly so the wedding band would fit a little more flush to the engagement band and josh took care of us at no cost. Great experience and we will be returning in the future.

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Steve Zehnder

a week ago

We had a great experience with Bookman & Son Jewelry. After spending months feeling underwhelmed at various jewelers, we contacted Josh and from our first conversation he was very helpful and committed to helping us through the process. He didn’t just try to sell us what he had in inventory, he listened to us and searched for the perfect diamond. Whether it was in person, on the phone or email, Josh was on the ball and made the whole experience enjoyable. The engagement ring turned out absolutely beautiful and we could not be happier. I would highly recommend Bookman & Son, and will definitely be back for any jewelry purchases.

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Mike Terry

in the last week

Bookman & Son is the only place to go for quality jewelry at a fair price. I have been a customer for 20+ years and speak from experience - ALL good ones. I investigated other jewelry stores but quickly found I was wasting my time. Josh is straightforward, honest and will take the time to understand what you are envisioning then make it happen. It is nice that you continue to be a valued customer long after the initial purchase. The customer support and service is fabulous, whether it is a week, or 10 years, after a purchase . Can't say enough nice things about Josh and staff.

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Jon Ferrell

a month ago

Everything you have heard on the commercials is true. Josh Bookman will personally wait on you. You can look around freely without being accosted. But when you are ready, he will patiently answer all your questions and show you as many pieces as you like. Furthermore the jewelry lines he carries are exceptional and reflect a discerning eye. Finally, when in my case you spend several thousand dollars, presentation is very important. When she opens it, you don't want it to be a jumbled mess. In my view there is only one way that retail survives, and that is customer service. Sadly, its dead in most retail establishments. That is why Amazon is taking up so much space. I use Amazon, but, I have no loyalty to them. When I find a retailer who treats me well, I am very loyal. I don't think I need to shop any other jeweler in the future, because if I have something in mind that Josh does not carry, I'm fairly certain he would go out and find exactly what I want. Bookman & Son is doing it the right way.

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Tim McGuire

in the last week

Josh was extremely helpful and made the perfect ring! My girlfriend and I went in there a few months ago and she wanted a very specific type of ring. Josh was able to create exactly what she wanted. There was absolutely no pressure to buy. I told Josh my budget and he showed me multiple options all which were in my price range. She loved the ring and we will definitely use Bookman and Sons for future purchases

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